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This is a place of spiritual sharing and giving opportunity for spiritual growth and learning; and soulical growth and learning.  Each person will leave this site taking with them the inspired guiding of God and that which has been chosen. 

This website and linked sub-domains and any person(s) associated with it, are not in any way, or in any understanding legally responsible for:

* Any personal or general interpretations

* Any personal or general understandings

* Any personal or general perceptions

that any person by choice, chooses to believe. 

To God Be All Thanks and All Glory!



Welcome to Bodiworks4ever, We wish you well on your New Life Journey.  We suggest you keep a journal of your time spent, your feelings, thoughts, perceptions.  It is a great way to watch your growing-ness.  


Sometimes in life we seem to be caught in a web of yuck.  We can't seem to move in any direction, good or bad.  We don't even seem to be able to cry out for help.  Yet we know we need help, fast. 


Well, buckle up and settle down, clear your mind from all thoughts and focus on what is being shared.  Seek God with ALL your heart, and soul, cry out to God with every bit of your energy, hunger and thirst for God like water in a dry land, and food in a barren place.  You will find God, you will come face to face with God, you will drink and not be thirsty, eat and not be hungry at the banqueting table set for you in the midst of your trials, temptations, whatever your enemy is.  You will learn and grow, and be who you are in God to be.  Check the other domains out: 

Life's Journeys

Many people are not awake to this truth -- life is a dynamic spiritual journey.  Each day you journey in your present life.  It is a physical journey, it is a soulical (feelings, thoughts, ideas, perceptions, and choice), it is Spiritual. 

You can share what you have gone through physically and soulically -- most people can readily do this.  It is the Spiritual journey that challenges us all.  Even those who have been journeying spiritually for years struggle with balancing the Spiritual with the physical and soulical. 

Well, as you visit this site and the other domains linked to it, you will be coming awake to the true nature of your life -- spiritual.  Without the spiritual connection there wouldn't be a soulical or physical one.  Simply put life is much more than what you see, or touch, or smell or hear, or feel.  While these senses bring you 'experience' in the physical, this is only a part of who you are and the journey you are on.

I tried leaning to and on my 'own' understanding of life and yet I knew there was something more.  I couldn't tell you how I knew it, but I did.  And when it came time to choose, I chose to wake up from the daze and dream like sleep, to the REAL LIFE.  This included all that I am beginning with Spirit, moving on to Soul and then experiencing the affects of these two in Body.

What?  I can hear you saying this or thinking it -- Just what the __#$#@ is she talking about.  Well let's keep it simple and say - get ready to rock and roll in your new life journey!  Hey! Hey!

Some Fun

Make funny faces in the mirror


  Depending on what

shape you are in

choose the following wisely!

Jump up and down or hop

up and down or lift your

leg off of the floor a little!



Put pillows all around

you and Spin around


Giggle and write

secret notes!

Yell out loud and pound

your chest (a little for ladies)