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The end of the year is near and the heat is building!  Have you noticed how much heat is pouring over us?   Even though it is getting colder in the physical realm in certain areas, in our souls have you noticed that it has been muggy and hot with very little 'cooling time'.  Kind of like a furnace -- as in the one that Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were in. 

Do you recall what the king who ordered the furnace to be heated up and Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego thrown in saw when he looked in the furnace that was so hot it had killed those who threw them in?     Do you remember what he saw?  He saw a 4th man walking amongst them; a man the king referred to as 'the Son of God'. 

Well, we are not alone in these hot times, nope!  The Son of God is always with us, as is our Father God and our Mother Holy Spirit.  They have promised never, ever to leave us or forsake us -- which means we can be in the hottest of hots or coldest of colds and not be affected by them.    z 'up. 

Kind of like Jesus walking on the water -- the water could not affect Him, even storming didn't touch Him -- He walked on the water and through the storm.  Maybe what is presented is not what is in God's way and will.   If God says 'No weapon formed against you will prosper' that's the end of the matter -- no question.  So be encouraged in the time of heat -- for you are more precious than gold to your heavenly Father, and you are living diamonds in the hands of the creator of all.  You are a precious jewel, more fine than anything we can image!  So rejoice, in the midst of the heat, and get real with God, get real in God, get real!

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